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Route 66
Hogs & Frogs Cooking Competition

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Come see the hottest Food Fight on Route 66!  You want champions?  We got champions!  Waynesville literally burst on to the World Food Championships Scene and blew everyone away with two of our Golden Ticket winners placing at the ultimate competition in Dallas, TX.  If you missed 2022, you'll want to be sure to make 2023.  Who will win the coveted Croaker Crown this year?

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2022 Competitors

This was the first year we hosted the Show Me Series but that didn't stop us from bringing in some of the best chefs and home cooks around!  Check how awesome the competition was.  Who will return to battle it out for a Golden Ticket to Dallas?  Who will win the coveted Croaker Crown in 2023?


All of this started with a wonderful chef who hosted a World Food Championships E.A.T. Judges Certification.  Mary Tromblee, 

owner and operator of Drachenfutter (Feed your Dragon) crafted some of her finest recipes right along side veteran WFC competitor Chef JR that were used during the

the certification process.  Show Me Series Front Man and all around Food Fanatic Tim Christian knows talent when he sees it, so for her efforts that night, Mary was awarded Waynesville's first ever Gold Ticket to the World Food Championships!

2022 Highlights

Route 66 H&F Cooking Competition

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