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Come see the hottest Food Fight on Route 66!  You want champions?  We got champions!  Waynesville literally burst on to the World Food Championships Scene and blew everyone away with two of our Golden Ticket winners placing at the ultimate competition in Dallas, TX.  If you missed 2022, you'll want to be sure to make 2023.  Who will win the coveted Croaker Crown this year?

Home town glory, global recognition, and a shot at $150,000 is on the line as the WFC Show Me Series comes to Waynesville for the 2nd Annual Route 66 Hogs and Frogs Cooking Contest! Professional and home cooks alike will battle for the chance at a Golden Ticket that will send one talented culinary creator to the World Food Championships in Dallas this November!

Come for the slicing! Come for the dicing! Most of all, come and taste the dishes! Competitors will serve bites for paid attendees. Relish each bite — it may very well be a world champion dish! What’s more, everyone gets to vote for their favorite bite. The winner will be named Best in Show, and take home the coveted Waynesville Croaker Crown, and carry the honor for a year.


Kimsha Rosensteel

Rice/Noodle Category, WFC Debut, Top Ten

Finished 8th in the world


The Students of Waynesville Career Center

Ryan Henderson, Shaun O’Brien, and Alexis Shea

Chef-Instructor Jon Dye

Bacon Category, WFC Debut, Top Ten

Finished 7th in the world

Mary Tromblee

Dessert Category, WFC Debut

Finished 12th in the world

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