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Route 66 Community Art Gallery

"So I've always wanted to do have an event with motorcycles and frogs..."

Sometimes the greatest of things happen when people are brave enough to put their ideas out there.  Jax Welborn, of the Route 66 Community Art Gallery and Pics by Jax did just that in a conversation with the City of Waynesville.  Luckily, they LOVED the idea and backed her 100% and just like that the greated festival to hit Route 66 in decades was born. 

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Jax's is a well known and highly praised photographer who has spent her years photographing the world around her.  She has received countless awards and accolades and is credited for putting Waynesville, Missouri on the map with her breathtaking works of photographic art.  

Be sure to visit Jax at her amazing studio on Route 66 while visiting Waynesville!

26062 Highway 17 Unit D

Waynesville, MO  65583

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