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Competition Time: Preparing for the Miss Croaker Contest

That glorious time is fast approaching again ladies. You’re down right adorable, classy, the twinkle in someone’s eye. You belong on that stage, so let’s get you up there!


The Miss Croaker Contest is quickly becoming more than just your ordinary Pin-up Girl gig. Miss Croaker is becoming an icon of the By-way! The face of Waynesville’s future! Okay, okay, we might be getting a little dramatic, but not much! This year’s Miss Croaker will be strutting her stuff at other events in Waynesville throughout the year and representing the Route 66 Hogs and Frogs Festival at other events along the Mother Road. So to curtail our excitement, the ultimate prize is that we get to show you off for an entire year and lavish you with attention and accolades…cause you’re cute.


The Miss Croaker Contest is comprised of three “rounds”.

1st Round – An introduction. That’s it. Introduce yourself! But think about how you’re going to introduce yourself. What would set you apart from the other girls? Keep your cool though! You want to be Classy Cassie, not Suzie Spaz!

2nd Round – That Girl’s got Talent! We are sure you do. Everyone does! Only catch is, you have three minutes to dazzle the judges with your awesomeness! What’s it going to be? A beautiful song? A poem? Tap-dancing? Painting with your toes? Whatever it is, do it with style do it with panache!

3rd Round – Q&A - We may ask things like "what is your favorite motorcycle?", "What’s your favorite Route 66 attraction *wink wink*?", "Whose your favorite old Hollywood star.”etc. We will let you know ahead of time what questions will be asked so you can be prepared. Your answers should reflect who you ARE, NOT who you think the judges want you to be.


So you’ve made the decision to sign up. (Stop fighting it, you know you want to. All your friends are doing it.) What comes next? We’ve thrown together some pointers to help you get prepared!


This year we are looking for that 1940’s – 1950’s classic glamour. Your Marilyn Monroe, your Veronica Lake, your Rita Hayworth! But remember ladies, This is a family friendly event. Stay classy!

Not sure where to start?

1. Pinterest. Pinterest. Pinterest.

I can’t even begin to say this enough, especially if you are on a budget and can’t afford to spend a crazy amount of money on an outfit. So many ideas and not enough time to really explore them all quite frankly. From DIY outfits to hair and makeup ideas, talent suggestions and everything in between, Pinterest is a must first stop.

2. Etsy

Talk about sensory overload when it comes to vintage clothing. Etsy has incredible finds and if you look hard enough, some awesome deals as well. Nothing says vintage like…well…vintage.

1. Your Mom’s or your Grandma’s Closet

Depending on your age, it’s going to be one or the other. I’m in my 50’s so my mother’s prom dress was a hit for me. More of a 60’s Diana Ross vibe, but it was this beautiful peach color and satin and just gorgeous. I didn’t win, but I felt like I did just because I got to wear that dress.

2. Good Ole’ Good Will

The old stand by. Go forth and conquer my Lady.


First thing you’re gonna do is breath. Girl, you got this and all those other girls up on stage with you? They’ve got you too. You’re going to knock – em - dead! So remember what we practiced…

Intro – Keep it short sweet and witty. Throw a little sass in there too. Be sure those judges will remember your name. Throw them a wink, blow them kiss. Let them know you know they are already in love with you.

Talent – The sky is the limit on this one. Only words of advice we have here is safety. If you are wearing any kind of heels think before you decide to do any gymnastics. Just remember, three minutes is tops so practice your talent plenty of times before the competition.

Q&A – This is probably the best part of the contest. Totally laid back and fun. No politics, no religion. Just good old get to know you questions. The list of questions will be handed out at the Pre-Contest Dinner held the weekend before the festival.


Support each other! Be good to each other! Enjoy the Festival! Come early! Walk around and say hi to people. Let people take their picture with you! You’re gorgeous! Make yourself available to people at the event. Often, those people are the ones that will come to watch the contest and while the judging may not require audience participation, the judges will still notice if lots of attendees like you. ENJOY YOUR TIME AT THE FESTIVAL! The people of the Route 66 Hogs and Frogs Festival are awesome. Ask them about their motorcycles! - they know A LOT! Look at the great merchandise and get to know the other girls. This is for fun after all right??

See you there!

Your Route 66 Hogs & Frogs Fest Team


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