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Miss Croaker Pin-Up Contest

The Miss Croaker Pinup Contest is the opening act of the Route 66 Hogs & Frogs Festival!  Come see some of the most classy ladies in the area battle it out with poise and grace for the beautiful Miss Croaker Crown!

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Contest Information

1.    You must be 18 years of age to enter.

2.   Contestants must wear 1940's or 50's classic glamour, including hair, makeup, accessories and        shoes.  

3.   Vulgar or disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated in anyway.


4.    Contestants must be dressed and ready to go by 5:00pm on Friday September 22nd. The                 contest will take place on the Roubidoux Park Stage.

5.    Contest will take place promptly at 7:00pm.


6.    Registration is $20.00 and limited to 15 ladies. Contestants must live within 100 miles of 

       Waynesville, MO. and be able promote the festival at additional events throughout the year.             Last day to register is September 13th. 


7.    This year's categories:


       - An Introduction.  That's it!  Introduce yourself to the crowd.  This is your first chance to start

          winning hearts and minds!


       - Lay on the Charm!  Sell your favorite Route 66 Roadside Attraction to the crowd!  Sing about

          it, make a pie chart or just use that velvety voice of yours.  


       - Q&A.  What questions will the judges ask this year?  The list will be given out at the pre-Miss

          Croaker Dinner!

8.    The Top Three winners will receive prizes:

         1st Place - Miss Croaker Crown

                             $500 Cash Prize


         2nd Place -  Miss Tadpole

                                $250 Cash Prize


         3rd Place -  $ 50  Cash Prize

9.    The winner of the Miss Croaker Contest will be obligated to participate in the Route 66 Hogs           and Frogs Festival and make appearances at Route 66 Hogs and Frogs Festival events and               provide the public with photo opportunities. 

10.  Contestants will receive an information packet once they have signed up in the their email so           be sure to check your spam folder if you don't receive one!

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