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Route 66 Hogs & Frogs Fest Welcomes

Get ready for two days of awesome fun and custom Power Wheel creations as

the Power Racing Series comes to Route 66 Hogs & Frogs Fest!

The Grim.jpg

Do you have what it takes to challenge the Titans of the Power Racing Series?  Can you engineer a design that will blow the competition away?  Or are you just a young peasant looking for fortune and glory and the knowledge and skill it takes to slay the proverbial Dragon? Maybe you are the type that revels in the adulation of the crowd as you don God or Goddess-like robes and are carried on the shoulders of your fanatical followers as you claim your victory in the winner's circle? (No little pickle throwing, please.)


Can you outwit the Grim Reaper and avoid his wrath? Or are you able to dazzle him with your mechanical brilliance?  


If so, then the Power Racing Series is for you.  Bring your thinking cap and your ambition to learn, young padawan.                                                                    

We are going for a ride.                                                               

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